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Centennial Legacy Society
Visionary ($20,000 or more)
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Marie Calabrese
Dr. Susan Rehm
Founder ($10,000 - $19.999)
Dr. Lee and Mrs. Marlene Alder
Dr. Janos Bacsanyi
Dr. Joanne Ceimo
Drs. Zeyd and Lilian Ebrahim
Member ($5,000-$9,999)
Dr. Azmy* and Mrs. Ida Boutros
Dr. Jaap Bredée
"In honor of the Cleveland Clinic and my CCF-teachers for their perpetual inspiration"
Dr. Ravi Chittajallu
Dr. Gary H. Dworkin
"In honor of the Dworkin Family"
Drs. Toribio and Susan Flores
Drs. Justin and Erin Juliano
Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Susan Krajewski

Drs. Rande and Linda Lazar, and Lauren, Sophie and Charlie/JT

Dr. James W. Lewis
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Jill Maatman
Drs. George and Lourdes Mathew
Dr. Louis G. Prevosti
Dr. Michael Puff
Dr. Rochelle Rosian and Mr. Jon Straffon
Dr. Jess Young
Drs. Belinda Yen-Lieberman and James M. Lieberman
Drs. Susan Fox and Conrad H. Simpfendorfer
Mrs. Paula Ockner and Dr. Stephen Ockner*
Dr. Jin and Mrs. Tammy Wang
2016 Donors
Dr. Maher Abbas
Dr. Steven Ballas
Dr. Kevin Blaine
Dr. Patrick Blake
Dr. A. Broennle
Dr. Reginald Bulkley
Dr. Alida Gertz
Dr. James Geyer
Dr. Thomas Haverbush
Dr. S. Ihsanullah
Dr. Halifax King
Dr. Christopher Knight
Dr. Paul Krummen
Dr. Earl Shirey
Dr. Timothy Walsh
Dr. Rao Watson
Dr. James Weller
Dr. William White
Huerter Family Fund
Thua Vinh M.D. Inc
Tri City Neurology Associates, LTD